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NOVA CLEAN: Cleaning chandeliers & specialist light fittings in Leeds

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How to clean a delicate chandelier?

Firstly, we inspect your chandelier for any wear or damage. We then apply our specialist products carefully by hand treating each moveable piece individually. We then polish the crystals and leave your chandelier looking brand new. 

NOVA CLEAN are at your disposal for the cleaning and maintenance of chandeliers and other lighting fixtures for individuals and businesses in Leeds. NOVA CLEAN are experienced with a variety of chandeliers and other hard to reach lighting fixtures that are both fragile and difficult to clean. We use professional tools to ensure the canopy, arms, baluster and crystals are cleaned and shining brightly. 

NOVA CLEAN are available for domestic cleaning as well as for restaurants, hotels and other businesses. Are your chandeliers dusty and crystals need brightening? Send us an email and we will get back to you with a quote in 24 hours!

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